the more i listen to my roomate ramble about shit the more she reminds me of my mom…and that aint a good thing.

she’s more or less a spacey as fuck vegetarian who hoards shit.

i dont feel much of a connection with her but i aint gonna be rude and outright say “please shut the fuck up…”


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Ice covered street lamp on Mt. Washington

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Interrogation Scene


DM: “He stammers, ‘I promise, I won’t say a word!!’”

Fighter: “Insight check…” (rolls) “14?”

DM: “He’s going to say so many words.”


The most bad ass show of my childhood


"more requests from /vg/-" Blah, blah, blah.

Now that might sound bad, I know, but there’s really nothing to worry about.


Holy shit CHICA

This is a reply to Mayadile’s twerking Freddy post LMAO


i have absolutely no fucking regrets or whatsoever

oh god I didnt expect those two fandoms mixing XD

Some Kickstarter updates!


It’s been a while, but recently, sometime yesterday to be exact, two updates were posted on the Kickstarter page, one being a technical update, and another being a normal update, and I’ll do my best to cover the information that was given in both, and it’s gonna be a whopper, so let’s get started!


In the first, technical update, Ankama updated us on things regarding the Digital Rewards, that there’ll be two codes, one for things like the Soundtrack, Fan Package, and PDF Art Book, that will be granted via VIP access to a VHX website, and another code for the Wakfu Mangas from Comixology, they also said that both these codes will be sent out, via e-mail I assume, throughout October

They then talked about the physical rewards, and, first and foremost, they said that, in order to deliver the highest quality possible, and to finish dubbing the three OVAs, they are postponing the delivery date from the previously estimated October, to December/January

To thank our continued support/patience, however, they are also giving all backers who have the Blu-ray included in their pledge the ability to stream the three specials from the VHX website, along with a reminder to finalize your address/complete the survey if you haven’t already

A brief section of this update talked about the two special tiers, Razortime and Nox, dubbing a character and the trip out to Ankama’s studios respectively, they said that the Razortime backers will be dubbing their second character in the special episode from stretch goal 6, and the Nox backer’s trip will be finalized sometime in September 

They then gave an update on that special exclusive episode, saying that it’s still in the making, specifically the writing stage, and that it won’t be included in the Blu-ray, but it will be part of a special DVD combined with the making of special from stretch goal 8

And lastly, they teased a secret regarding Wakfu in our various countries that we’re sure to hear more about sometime soon!

As for the second update, which is more of a minor one, it mainly talked about/wrapped up the Ankama related happenings at the recent Anime Expo, and covered the sorts of things that happened there, from the fans to special raffles to the screening of various dubbed episodes, and a trailer for the OVAs

That’s all we’ve got for now, but again, stay tuned, as we’re certainly going to hear more in the near future!




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Cr1TiKaL Ringtone


for an anon @cr1tikal



The greatest thing about drawing crossovers (at least for me) is drawing characters interacting with one another, even though they might never meet. So here’s a silly comic before I head to bed! Skye is Sonic and Waldo is Dr. Eggman/Robotnik (specifically from Sonic Boom) in this one heh.

Morning reblog because shhh I really liked how this came out, as silly as it is. /)w(\