im gonna steal that poster on thursday I s2g

looks awesome

last photo of the day..taken via phone cause i saw this on my way to metal


leave it to printshop students to make cool shit

well im pretty much done derpin about since i got all my psd’s and jpgs already on my flash drive..i just need to organize em n write a paper :1




Dude :V
Ikr? :V and these werent fuck around with in photoshop like the rest
Dude…you took this with my camera? 8I
yes :V

heres some fuckin orchids

….heres my fuckin lamp series my teacher was dick crazy over…

i really love this photo :v

specially since i took it lol


And here’s little Traveller Connor.

once again my abilities to bullshit and snap pics randomly continue to save my ass


fuck it i dont care right bout now. god damn photography class

not usin this shit ever again sans photoshop

juuust wanna get this test over with Bl


Altair and Malik